• A requirement of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 7.0 in all four disciplines, reading, writing, speaking and listening or four B’s in the Occupational English Test (OET) same four discipline.
  • The nurse must have practised for at least 12 months in their home country if already qualified for more than a year then they must have at least practised for 450 hours in 3 years.
  • Nurses must hold a current registration or license without restriction with the Licensing Authority or Registration body in both the Country they qualified or have been practising
  • Must have completed at least 10 years of school education
  • General Nursing – registration as a general nurse (must hold a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in nursing), in other words a nursing graduate. Diploma nurses are not recognised.
  • Must be 3 years in length, have 500 hours of clinical practise that must be evidenced by their Transcript of Training (all in English or if translated by a certified Translator)



  • Applicants must complete a self-assessment to confirm their eligibility to apply prior to beginning their application process – they need to provide supporting evidence of these declarations during the assessment stage of the process. (IELTS/OET will be required at this stage)


Test of Competence – Part one

  • This is a computer based test (CBT) 120 Multiple Choice questions, and can be taken in test centres around the world. Applicants have two attempts at the test within ten days of each other, failure means waiting six months before trying again. Pearson VUE is the test provider. Nurses cannot take this exam until they have passed IELTS or the OET.
  • Once the nurse has passed the initial NMC self-assessment test they will have up to 3 months to book their CBT



  • A valid passport, Birth Certificate, A qualification Certificate for each qualification being submitted, Registration Certificates from each jurisdiction where the applicant has practised/been registered.
  • Two employment references confirming the nurses’ post-registration practise of at least 12 months, their competence and character, need to be from different senior nurse/clinician if from the same establishment.
  • Verification's from all jurisdictions (if the nurse has worked abroad previously they must provide verification from the Country or Countries they worked in).


Transcript of Training for all relevant nursing

  • A good health declaration from the nurses Doctor
  • A police Clearance certificate from all countries where the applicant has lived since aged 18 and are valid for 3 months from date of issue.
  • All the forms are downloadable, but only once the nurse reaches the assessment stage, not before!
  • The NMC aim to process applications within 70 days and if successful will be invited to sit the OSCE in the UK, so at this stage the nurse can fulfil all the criteria for immigration purposes.


Test of Competence – Part Two

  • Objective-structured clinical examination (OSCE) completed only in the UK (Undertaken at selected Universities in the UK).
  • Face to face ID check
  • They will have up to 2 years to achieve NMC registration, allowed 3 failures but need to start the process all over again if they do not pass after their second attempt. If they do not pass after 3 attempts or it takes more than 3 years, then they will need to return to their own country/exit the UK (their SOL visa permission period).




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